Maxx Products Electric-Powered Spoilers

Iv’e been working on my 1/3-scale, scratch-built ASK-18 glider. I decided to use the new MPI electric-powered spoilers rather than the old mechanical spoilers that had linkages and servos that you had to install in the wing. What I found is that the new MPI spoilers are easy to install and they work great!

With their built-in servo that employs a screw/linear drive linkage and motor, there is no mechanical linkages or adjusting required to get the model’s spoilers to open and close perfectly. Rather, once the spoilers are installed in the wing you simply plug in the spoiler wire connector to the receiver, program the transmitter for the travel that your model will need to use and the spoilers are operational. Then you’ll only need to glue the spoiler’s flange covers and spoiler cap in place. After that it only takes a little sanding of the flange covers to get the spoilers’ caps to fit flush and follow the wing’s profile. Then the wing will be ready to cover with your favorite film material.

Take a look at the photos. They will show you how I installed mine. I recommend you buy a set for your next project at Maxx Products.

Gene Cope

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