RealFlight: puts the wind beneath your wings — realistically.

With TruFlo Wind Dynamics, the wind blows the way it does in the real world. But you do more than experience the wind; you control it. Its speed and direction — whether there's more turbulence or less. Your control extends to your glider, too. You can choose which glider to fly. Whether you start from an aero tow or a bungee launch. You can modify its construction, color and every other characteristic — and then watch RealFlight reflects every change with amazing accuracy. Try it on a RealFlight Kiosk and see it for yourself.

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Current RealFlight products include:
GPMZ4460 RealFlight 6 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 2
GPMZ4461 RealFlight 6 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 1
GPMZ4462 RealFlight 6 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 2
GPMZ4463 RealFlight 6 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 1
GPMZ4468 RealFlight 6 Upgrade
GPMZ4160 RealFlight Airplane Mega Pack Only
GPMZ4162 RealFlight Heli Mega Pack Only

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