EFEST 2011

E-FEST 2011 is turning out to be a wonderful event for pilots of all skill levels. For those that are lucky enough to attend they are seeing fantastic helicopter and airplane flights.

Some of the standouts airplanes of the event are Jason Noll’s free-flight conversions to indoor scale airplanes. They are stunning little flyers that are outfitted with landing lights, flaps, retracts, working cowl flaps, and scale pilots. You have to see these to appreciate their quality and performance. Others flying indoor scale airplanes are Dave Johnson (Hobbico®), Matt Andren (Horizon Hobby®), Sean Cassidy, and David Payne (Horizon).

Helicopter competitor, Bobby Watts was there too. He was putting on outstanding helicopter demonstrations. Mitch Marozas took helicopter flying to another level though, with his flights of his Gaui 255 and his T-Rex 450. His flights were crisp and fearsome, with his helicopter was pushing the outside of the envelope up high and down way, way low!

E-FEST was literally wall to wall with sport pilots too. They were flying airplanes from Flyzone®, E-flite, 3D Hobby Shops, etc. E-FEST did not leave out the fun for all. Consequently, while you saw contest winning pilots showing off their indoor piloting skills, you also saw pilots just there to have fun flying their slow flyers with the crowd. As Jeff Troy said, “I’m not all that good of a pilot, but I have as much fun as any pilot!”

Take a look at a few of the photos from the event. We’ll provide an in-depth report in the upcoming March issue of RC Sport Flyer magazine.

If you want to have a blast of fun this winter I’d say go to your next indoor event. It may not be E-FEST 2011, but you’ll certainly have loads of fun flying indoor airplanes. I promise it won’t rain either 🙂

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