ElectriFly Syncro™ EDF Glider ARF

The ElectriFly Syncro EDF Glider ARF gives pilots two ways to fly: with soaring wing for climb and glide fun, or with jet-inspired sport wings for crisp rolls and aerobatics, and both are included! A foam pod that attaches to the fuselage with magnets houses the high-performance ducted fan unit. Plug-in landing gear is included for off-the-ground takeoffs, and an easy access battery hatch means the wing won’t have to be removed for battery access. The Syncro is made of Aerocell™ foam for durability and light weight. Both soaring and sport wings are easy to attach and change right at the flying site.

Glider Specifications

Wingspan 55.5 in. (1410 mm)
Wing area 400 in.² (25.8 dm²)
Weight 28.0–29.5 oz (795–835 g)
Wing loading 10.1–10.6 oz/ft² (31–32 g/dm²)
Length 34.5 in. (875 mm)

Sport Specifications

Wingspan   31.5 in. (800 mm)
Wing area   219 in.² (14.1 dm²)
Weight   22.5–24.0 oz (640–680 g)
Wing loading   14.8–15.8 oz/ft² (45-48 g/dm²)
Length   34.5 in. (875 mm)
Requires   Radio with minimum of four channels and six servos; brushless motor & ESC; LiPo battery & LiPo-compatible charger

#GPMA1581 Syncro EDF Glider ARF Street: $99.99

Vendor Information
Great Planes
P.O. Box 9021
Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 800-637-7660


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