Justin Bieber Flies Helicopters?

This weekend teen sensation Justin Bieber was spotted in London flying an RC helicopter.

Unless you have teenage daughters, you probably don't know who the heck this kid is. Justin Bieber is the new "it" musician. His pop tunes fill radio airwaves and he's often seen breaking it down on MTV with Justin Timberlake. So where did this kid come from? R&B singer Usher found Bieber via YouTube, saw talent and flew him to Hollywood. The rest is history.

I'm not a fan of Bieber's music, or his haircut, but it's great he's brought attention RC helicopters. All too often the RC industry is associated with older men. Any fresh blood is great for the sport.

Some readers get upset when we put young, attractive females on the cover. What about a young, attractive male? Justin Bieber: RC Sport Flyer Cover Boy? Also, can anyone identify what helicopter Bieber is flying?

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