Radio Control with Your iPhone?

iPhly brings iPhone's powerful CPU, multi-GB storage, full-color touchscreen and more to the R/C enthusiast. It's all in the wrist. Roll the phone to roll (or steer). Tilt down to pitch down. Swipe up to throttle up. Swipe side-to-side to yaw.

You can store as many model memories as you like. You can give them long names. You can photograph your models using the iPhone's camera. Seven-segment displays are so last century.

iPhly uses standard, Futaba-style frequency modules. It works with the receivers you already own. Our testing confirms that Spektrum, Futaba, HiTec, FrySky, Corona and other modules work with iPhly. There is nothing to change on the airplane or car.

To get yourself comfortable with iPhly, you can connect it to the "buddy-box" input on a traditional TX and have another pilot stand buy and take over in case of trouble. You can also plug iPhly into your PC and practice in the safety of your favorite flight simulator.

iPhly app is already in the app store. The hardware design is complete. Multiple individuals have built the hardware from plans and are routinely flying with it. We have injection molds and PCB masks ready. A manufacturer is standing by to produce the first batch.

Your pre-orders go directly to producing the hardware.

More videos, source code and schematics at

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