Unbelievable Pricing on Li-Po 10-Packs

Calm summer evenings are a marvelous time to catch a flight with a micro heli or plane. Or, are your old batteries just too tired? Replace your old batteries from the winter with a fresh set.

E-flite® micro Li-Po batteries are ideal for the scale and sport micro aircraft from E-flite and ParkZone®, plus they work great in a number of the Blade® micro sport helicopters. Now is your chance to get an unheard of deal on micro battery bundles from E-flite.

For a limited time you can get a 10-pack of the popular 120mAh 3.7V [EFLB1201S] batteries that work great in your HobbyZone Champ™ and Blade mCX™ for just $19.99.

Or get a 10-pack of extended capacity 150mAh 3.7V Li-Po [EFLB1501S] batteries for just $29.99. These batteries work great in select micro aircraft, especially the HobbyZone Champ and E-flite UMX Extra 300 3D™.

That's less than $2 and $3 per battery! Click now and get charged up.


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