Cox Hobby Distributors® Extra 300 EP RTF Park Flyer

Pilots want to fly just as soon as the thought strikes them, and that’s just one reason why this ready-to-fly electric is popular. Assembly is complete in five minutes from start to finish. Everything is in the box, leaving nothing left to buy.

The Extra 300 comes with a LiPo flight pack and charger, plus a 2.4GHz radio system and “AA” batteries. Once the pack’s charged and the “AA” cells are in the radio, there’s nothing between a pilot and a first flight.

The 2.4GHz radio is just one feature that makes the Extra 300 an affordable, all-in-one package for any pilot. Channel-hopping technology offers pilots freedom from interference worries, even when flying with friends or at a crowded field.

Dual rates make it a good choice for aerobatic beginners as well as old pros. Pilots can switch from “New Pilot” settings to “Experienced Pilot” rates in-flight, and with nothing more than a push down on the stick.

Revolutionary features also make the Extra 300 a standout in durability and damage-resistance. With its FlightFlex™ foam airframe and exclusive SafeProp™ propeller, the Extra 300 lets pilots devote their full attention to flying and never give flyability a second thought.

  • SafeProp Protection, a Cox exclusive, lets the prop pop off on impact, to protect the prop, the motor shaft, and the rest of the plane. And reinstalling the prop is easy: it goes on as easily as comes off.
  • The FlightFlex airframe virtually eliminates damage from hard landings because it flexes on impact, absorbing crash energy and protecting the electronics inside. Pull the airframe straight, smooth away wrinkles, and it’s ready for flight again.
  • The included 2.4GHz radio offers full, 4-channel control and today’s most dependable technology in a compact, comfortable handful. And with dual rates as a bonus, it’s a system that pilots can “recycle” and use with other planes in the future.

Wingspan 20 in. (5080 mm)
Weight 3.35 oz (94 g)
Length 18 in. (457 mm)
Price Retail: $149.99 Street: $109.99

Vendor Information
Cox Hobby Distributors
P.O. Box 274
Pentrose, CO 81240
Phone: 877-269-9235

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