ElectriFly F-16 EDF Jet ARF

ElectriFly gives pilots all the excitement of the full size F-16 Fighting Falcon in a super fast, EDF Jet ARF. Clocked at speeds over 90 mph, pilots will have to keep a sharp eye on this jet. The HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit with high performance Ammo™ 24–45-3790 inrunner brushless motor produces impressive thrust and speed, while ailerons, elevators and rudder control make the F-16 highly maneuverable for slow fly-bys or full-throttle excitement. The F-16 can be hand-launched or pilots can take advantage of the included bungee launch system for even easier launching.

  • The lightweight fiberglass fuselage is painted, and the built-up wings and stabilizer are factory-covered in colorful MonoKote® film
  • Includes bungee launcher, profile pilot and display stand
  • The magnetically attached canopy doubles as a battery hatch, simplifying the installation of LiPos and radio gear.

Wingspan: 22.5 in. (570 mm)
Wing area: 166 in.² (10.7 dm²)
Weight: 32-34 ox (910-960 g)
Wing loading: 27.8–29.5 oz/ft² (85 – 90 g/dm²)
Length: 34.5 in. (875 mm)
Requires: Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels, 4 micro servos, 35A brushless ESC & 14.8-V (4S) 2100–2500-mAh LiPo battery

#GPMA1801 F-16 Fighting Falcon EDF Jet ARF Street: $219.99
The ElectriFly F-16 Fight Falcon EDF Jet ARF will be available mid-June.

Vendor Information
Great Planes
P.O. Box 9021
Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 800-637-7660

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