Multiplex Heron Test Flown at Eagle Butte

We test flew the Multiplex Heron electric-powered glider yesterday (June 24) at Eagle Butte. This 95-in. wingspan Elapor foam glider is a superb flyer. We put over 30 minutes on it and it does everything right, including having lots of power for steep climbs to altitude. As this video shows it has plenty of energy too for penetrating into a mild breeze – in this case about 15 mph. What it really excels at is soaring. We found it climbs exceptionally well, even in weak lift; albeit, it had to be flown way,  way out away from the slope face to test its soaring ability. Then too the flaps will slow it to a crawl when they are deployed.

Check out the complete review in the July issue of RC Sport Flyer magazine.

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