New EZ Foam-Drill

Drilling clean, accurate holes in foam just got easier. Balsa too! Precision Aero announces the release of its latest tool to help the RC hobbyist—the new EZ Foam-Drill, specifically designed to cut accurate holes in foam. It also does a great job on balsa.

Trying to drill through foam with a regular twist drill results in gouged and misplaced holes. Using the EZ Foam-Drill will give you smooth, exact placed holes at just the right diameter. Drilling holes, slots, shallow holes and horizontal drilling is easy.

The EZ Foam-Drill comes complete and ready to use. Constructed of laser cut 1/4-in. aircraft plywood, the EZ Foam-Drill includes three drills to meet every need. A You-Tube video is available showing the operation here.

Street $ 19.95

Vendor Information
Precision Aero
1561 River Highlands Dr.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Phone: 262-352-6670

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