The All-New High-Performance JR® G370A Aircraft Gyro

With the change of scale rules allowing gyros in aircraft at Top Gun, the need for an aircraft gyro in the JR lineup became apparent. Being good at meeting the market's needs, JR started immediately developing an easy-to-use aircraft gyro. The G370A is the sister to the G3703D, modified to meet the needs of fixed-wing applications. With a machined aluminum frame plus aluminum top and base plates, it's virtually crash proof. Its small size and easy programming make it an ideal gyro for the latest warbird or jet model.

  • Anti-drift sensor allows high-performance flight
  • Capable of outputting signals to the servo in a shorter cycle for finer control
  • Capable of adjusting the gain from the transmitter

JRPG370A G370A Aircraft Rate Gyro

Vendor Information
Horizon Hobby, Inc.
4105 Fieldstone Road
Champaign, IL 61822 USA

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