Vailly Aviation’s New Cessna L-19

The famous CESSNA L-19/0-1 “Bird Dog” is an economical, giant-scale warbird with docile flight characteristics. We already offer the L-19 in 1/5 and 1/4 scale, and now, by popular demand, we have it in 1/3 scale. We have digitally enlarged our very successful 1/4 scale drawings by 34% and have transferred them to six large sheets. Same easy construction—just bigger! All sheets are 34-inches wide and range from 10 to 14 feet in length. The plans show all structures drawn full-size, and include the installation of flaps. Full-size templates are also shown for all ribs, formers and other assorted parts.

Primary construction is light plywood, balsa and spruce, using conventional “tried and true” building techniques. All structures are built up and are sheeted with 1/8 or 3/32-inch balsa. Accessory parts available: a fiberglass cowl and formed aluminum landing gear. The model features a two-piece wing for easy transportation, providing for easy assembly at the field. A five-channel radio is required.

Wing span 147 in.
Weight 40–60 lbs
Length 97 in.
Engine 75–150 cc

Plans: $75 Cowl: $156 Landing gear: $68

Vendor Information
Vailly Aviation
18 Oakdale Ave.
Farmingville, NY 11738-2828
Phone: 631-732-4715

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